Black Bean Fettuccine With Creamy Walnut And Miso Sauce

In the mayhem of COVID-19, you may have cupboards that are now piled with shelf-stable goods to last weeks. However, the last thing you want is to feel bored by the same tinned foods and pantry meals. Take these moments of self-isolation to get creative in the kitchen and experiment with new ingredients and recipes. This creamy walnut […]

Tahini Banana Bread Crumb Cake

I believe that baking exists for pleasure. Whilst it may not be able to cure the ailments of today or tomorrow, stepping into the kitchen is the first step towards looking after yourself! It can be an unconventional solution to stress but has been proven to be beneficial for our mental health. When we bake, […]

Broccoli Stem Pesto

Broccoli is a highly underappreciated vegetable – particularly the commonly discarded stems. We too often chuck the stalk into the compost without giving it a second thought. However I believe that the stem is actually the best part of a broccoli and should be the star of the show – in fact, the stems are […]

Sourdough Discard Crackers

Sourdough starters are demanding! They’re constantly hungry and you spend hours feeding them, only to have to throw away the discards with each feed. If you’re one of the many keen bakers who attempted to conquer the sourdough during quarantine, then this zero-waste recipe is your new best friend! It makes the best thin, crispy […]

Pumpkin, Capsicum and Spinach Loaf

It’s pumpkin season right now and there’s nothing I’m loving more than a warm bowl of soup with some fresh bread. This pumpkin, capsicum and spinach loaf is not only easy but super healthy and delicious. It’s dedicated to those of us who haven’t quite been able to master the art of sourdough and uses […]